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Alan Williamson

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(June 5, 2003) - Yesterday a new entity burst onto the US corporate stage - "Core Developers Network LLC." Its aim: to provide consultancy services to a wide range of Java open-source technologies as well as some mainstream products such as Oracle. What's the big deal? Well, there is none. It's just another company coming onto the market and we wish them the best of luck in their new venture, especially in this still-slow economy. But looking at the core individuals of this new company, we do see something a little more interesting. The clue is in their name: Core Developers Network. They are some of the core developers of the popular open-source project JBoss. Now the story does get a little more colorful from here on in. JBoss already has an official consultancy arm, The JBoss Group. This is a company formed to make money from selling services and support to the pr... (more)

JavaScript != Java !!!

If you ever questioned the usefulness or power of blogs, let me remove any remaining doubt you may have with this story. I have my own blog,, and I use it primarily as a public scratchboard, noting thoughts and various observations regarding our industry through the eyes of a Java developer. What I find great about the blog is that it enables others to chip in with their thoughts and ideas. You'll discover that all of us at JDJ have blogs you can follow. Now, I thought we had long passed the stage of always defending Java from the old legacy arguments w... (more)

Sun "Believes In IP" But Not In "IP Colonialism," Says Schwartz at Open Source Conference

OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board Members Announced Schwartz Attacks GPL; Sun's Mention of "Stewardship" Has People Thinking of JavaAt the inaugural Open Source Business Conference, which opened today in San Francisco, Jonathan Schwartz has been giving a keynote. We bring here an early on-the-spot report, written by former JDJ editor-in-chief and LinuxWorld Magazine founding editor, Alan Williamson. Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems, today opened up the spring Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco. The OSBC is aimed at the business side... (more)

Clouds Do Blow Away - Live With It

If you were to believe the hype from the media and certain so called industry experts, you would be forgiven for thinking that cloud computing is the second coming. The answer to all our scaling and usage problems. Everything to everyone. The notion that the "cloud" is always on, or up, is a myth that is being propogated, irresponsibly, around the corridors of tech. As they say, what goes up must come down and software is no different. The measure of a redundant system isn't that it stays up 100% of the time, it's how it copes when parts of its systems go down. Can it heal itse... (more)

To Serve or not to Serve

Introduction Just when you were beginning to get the hang of Java and had figured out it was more than just an animation tool, out comes yet another Java-related technology, complete with its own set of rules and conditions to dazzle and confuse. But what is so special about this new one, that we should stop and take note of it? Up until now, Java has been very much associated with the client side of the client/server equation, popping up in applets and Beans. The server side has been relatively untouched. In fact, for a while it looked as if the Java community had forgotten all... (more)