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Amazon Cloud Journal on Ulitzer Amazon releases the ability to share EBS snapshots so others can utilize and consume your data, irrespective of format. But EBS is more than just persisted data. It is a whole mechanism to allow for quickly taking snapshots of your data partition and then mounting that partition elsewhere. Take for example, having your database running on an EBS partition. You can snapshot that partition and mount that new clone on another machine. Quick and easy. Amazon were quick to exploit this feature and offer publicly blessed pre-configured datasets. For example, ever fancied having the WikiPedia dataset available to your application? Or maybe you would prefer to have all the US Addresses mapping information? ... (more)

Pulling at a Thread

Have you ever pulled at a small thread, hoping to stop it before it eats into the very heart of the fabric and dismantles the whole garment? What started out as small, insignificant issue has suddenly turned into a major showstopper! I think this may be happening in the J2EE space and if we aren't too careful, we'll be left with nothing of any significant use. I am, of course, referring to the current and very public debacle with JBoss and their push to become J2EE compliant. This is not a tussle between good and evil, nor is it a tussle of David-and-Goliath proportions (as Sun ha... (more)

Bye Bye Command Line; Amazon Releases Its AWS Web Console

Alan Wiliamson's Blog Finally, after years of providing just a command line interface to their web services, Amazon has released a web based management console. Has it been worth the wait? In a nutshell, yes. We knew this day was coming, and 8th of January was that day. Built using Yahoo's YUI framework, using JSP at the backend, Amazon's engineers have delivered a very rich, functional and darn right stunning looking console. It begs you to want to use it. Initial Tour The first you notice instantly is how clean everything is laid out, choice of colours and controls just flow beaut... (more)

Reader's Choice Awards? What Do They Really Mean?

Awards and opinion polls are funny things, don't you think? In general, you read them with interest and suddenly you find yourself believing what they're saying. You then go and tell others about them, disseminating the information as the gospel truth. How many times have you found yourself saying to someone, "Yes, it's the most popular product?" As if saying it gives you justification for using the beast. Have you ever read the wee small writing at the bottom of any of these polls? If you haven't, you should. It may shock you to discover just how few people they "polled" for thi... (more)

My December Trip To Microsoft

“If the USA and China can have healthy economic trade despite significant ideological differences, then there's a possibility that those of us in the freedom-loving Java world can engage in healthy economic trade with the many millions who will be locked into Windows and .Net.” Rick Ross, in The Ross Report Back in November, in a move that many Java developers likened to the wily fox inviting the unsuspecting hen round for a candlelit dinner, Microsoft Corp extended an invitation to JavaLobby founder Rick Ross to come to its Redmond, WA, headquarters in December…and check out .NET... (more)