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Following on from my previous post, cloudkick, has published their network latency findings within Amazon's EC2 clearly showing a major problem brewing within at least one of their data centers
Amazon EC2 is increasingly under load, but when you start to see internal pings around 7seconds with regularly shell freezes this is more than a freak one off incidents. Amazon appear to be struggling with the load
Using dynamic datasources just got a whole lot easier with OpenBD by the introduction of 3 new functions to help creating dynamic datasources infinitely easier
Amazon announces full EBS bootable images - this means no more data loss when your instance goes offline irrespective of where you have stored your data on the file system. Faster boot times and a new geographic location announced
Amazon have released a slew of new features and products for their cloud. But as usual, the devil is in the detail. I go into some of the issues and discover that this may not be for everyone
Engadget trips up in its own importance and falls into the trap that many bloggers/journalists are finding: not everything that runs in a browser is cloud computing. One server fault does not mark the end of cloud computing. Perspective
Amazon releases the ability to share EBS snapshots so others can utilize and consume your data, irrespective of format. But EBS is more than just persisted data. It is a whole mechanism to allow for quickly taking snapshots of your data partition and then mounting that partition elsewh...
Amazon SimpleDB - SQS web services are within easy reach of any Java developer with these 2 non-dependent class files. No fuss, no nonsense, just code that works.
A very simple POJO Java class for accessing all of the features of Amazon's SQS web service. Full API support. No dependencies. Just use it.
Business Computing and buzzwords, go together like cheese and wine. Geek'n'Poke takes aim and finds the bullspot once again with their latest cloud related
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is announced in limited beta. Lots of interesting features and once again, they have moved the cloud world forward
A very simple POJO Java class for accessing all of the features of Amazon's SimpleDB web service. Support for all new methods including select, and batchputattributes. No dependencies. Just use it
Hosting and Cloud provider Rackspace suffers an outage causing many people not able to reach their network
With Google App Engine going offline it is important to realize that even the big boys have problems. However, can your business tolerate such down times? Can you really bet your business on the cloud? Or is it too early
Global server sales have dropped 25% across the board. This is the worse drop-off for over 12 years. What is to blame
We love this new virtual world of ondemand computing, but have you wondered just how many servers Amazon, Google, Microsoft or any of the cloud providers really have at their disposal
Cloud Expo Europe was last week at Prague, and a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining cloud conference was had. Met lots of great people and spoke at length regarding peoples concerns about moving to the cloud
Preparing to take our Cloud Boot Camp Road Show to
Another couple of conferences close their doors as we move forward into 2009
Cloud boot camp was a resounding success at Cloud Computing Expo in New York
Come on now, lets all sing-a-long to the cloud computing song, a parody of Joni Mitchell
The final schedule for next weeks Cloud Computing Expo boot camp has been finalised. Looking forward to next week
Geek and Poke blog has a wonderful cartoon depicting the complexities of the world of clouds
If you are looking for a familiar interface for moving files up and down to Amazon S3 then you'll be hard pushed to find something as slick for the price
If you haven't seen the cloud tax yet, then don't worry, it happens to everyone, and creeps up on you without warning
Today is the last day to register for a sweet, early bird, deal on the upcoming Cloud Computing Expo in a couple of weeks in New York. We've got some wonderful keynotes delivered at the highest levels from Amazon, IBM and Sun
I was recently interviewed for on the wonders of cloud computing and
Developing applications for the cloud is not as trivial as you may think, but nor is it as a hard as some make out. Be mindful of what can and can't done. Looking at 3 major areas, which will be covered in detail at our upcoming cloud boot
Microsoft flight into the clouds took a nose dive for 22 hours this week as it suffered an outage
Who can you really trust with your cloud keys? Many services ask for your Amazon details so they may deliver you a value added service. But how do you know they won't be naughty! In short you can't
Amazon have released their Reserved Instances, which effectively gives you big discounts for instances that are running for long periods of time
Atlassian has just released their new version of their continuous build integration suite, called Elastic Bamboo. This is a way for you to automatically and scale out your build and testing requirements by using Amazon's EC2 platform
Oracle is sniffing around Virtual Iron for a possible purchase to round out its own virtual
The very successful evening format of the CloudCamp series, is coming to Scotland - Edinburgh, to be precise, on the 25th of
Amazon, finally after years of providing just a command line interface to their web services, released a web based management console. Has it been worth the wait? Read the review of their first web based offering
Okay, so this is wishful thinking on my part, Amazon taking the initiative and renaming their very powerful SimpleDB product Amazon Registry. Let me present my case for why they should
I was honored to be part of the very popular Cloud Computing Podcast by David Linthicum. It has just gone live for your audible enjoyment
With ElasticServer you can now build your own custom server image with OpenBD installed, choosing your own J2EE and database server. Deploy straight to Amazon EC2. Can't get easier
What makes a true cloud offering? What must a company offer before it can make the cloud claim? I examine the 3 criteria that for me defines a true cloud offering
Twilio a new startup from Amazon's ex Product Manager Jeff Lawson will soon be coming out of private beta to offer cloud like telephony services